Essential Christianity

Essential Christianity

Aug 2012 - Sep 2012

Basic training for advanced believers. In this series we explore the fundamentals of Christianity in detail, covering essential doctrine – to equip the Saints so that they can “give to every man an answer” (1 Pet 3:15).  Topics include: Inerrancy, Inspiration of the Bible, The Trinity, Deity of Christ, Atonement, Salvation by Grace, Virgin Birth, Resurrection, Eschatology and the Second Coming. 

The result is to provide a firm foundation for what we believe and the reasons for we believe – a focused apologetics course.

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Sermons in this series
Duration: 26 mins 28 secs
In this portion of our study on the deity of Christ, we examine statements in the New Testament from the likes of Paul, Thomas, John and Peter about who Christ is.
Passage: Isaiah 9
Duration: 24 mins 24 secs
As we begin a discussion on the deity of Christ, we examine the Old Testament prophecies of who the Messiah would be and how He would come about.
Duration: 16 mins 41 secs
Did Jesus trust the Scriptures? Are they accurate, both historically and scientifically? And, how does predictive prophecy authenticate the Bible as God's Word? Wrapping up our discussion on the validity of the Bible, we will explore these, and other questions of our foundational documents of faith.
Passage: 1 Kings 7
Duration: 29 mins 50 secs
If there were only four people on Earth, where did Cain find a wife? Why do three accounts of Jesus walking on water differ? In this lesson, we'll uncover some of the myths and misconceptions about Bible difficulties, how to apply hermeneutics to the study the Scriptures and how The Golden Rule of Interpretation applies.
Duration: 23 mins 4 secs
Is the Bible reliable? Is it historically accurate? Can the authenticity of the Bible be trusted based on its self-declaration? In this session we'll answer these important questions and look at what the Bible has to say for itself.
Duration: 14 mins 41 secs
Who decides what is Scripture? How is it authenticated and how do we know what is trustworthy? Did Jesus give us any indication of which books are authentic Scripture? In this session we look at the Council of Nicea and the differences between translation and transliteration.
Duration: 22 mins 3 secs
"In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Liberty, In All Things Charity." These wise words guide the Christian attitude toward differing opinions of Scripture. So, what are the essentials? What doctrines and beliefs define the core of Christianity? We'll explore these questions in this session.
Passage: Matthew 16:18
Duration: 38 mins 58 secs
How do we know that the Bible, the book upon which we base our knowledge of God, is reliable and accurate over centuries of copying and interpretation? In this portion of our study, we begin to cover the reliability of Scripture as it was given to man, and how it is that the message has survived in tact for millennia.
Duration: 28 mins 41 secs
Even Christians with a lifetime of walking with God sometimes need a little refresher course on Biblical basics. In this session we introduce the series to come and discuss the importance, and even the mandate from God, of knowing why we believe what we believe.